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From your Chronic Diseases

Have you ever encountered one of the following situations after you’ve been with your chronic illnesses?

Pills do not work

I've been taken variety kinds of medicines, but the disease is still there, and I felt even getting worse. No sign of recovery.

Regular checks

I was told to do regular checks on my disease area. There is nothing can be done to stop it from getting worse.

Natural therapies do not work

I've tried many types of natural therapies, such as special diets, different supplements, even massage and acupuncture, etc. They just didn't work.

Nothing can be done

I've been told like "I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do to help you. It all depends on yourself now."

Exercises have no help

It even made me feel getting worse.

Long life medicine

I've been told to take the medicines for the rest of my life.

If your answer is yes,  the self-training and healing technique originated from ancient China called Life Energy Circulation is strongly recommended.

Life Energy Circulation

Q-1: What is the technique about?
Q-2: How is it going to help me on my chronic diseases?
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This self-healing technique:

  • is Not any types of Meditation & Yoga.

  • has Nothing to do with Riki.

  • is Not Tai Chi & Chi Gong.

  • is Not Placebo Effect.

  • is Not Remote Healing.

  • has Nothing to do with Religion & Belief.

  • has Nothing to do with Cosmic Energy.

  • required No medicines. 

  • is too advanced to be explained by current Science. 

It simply uses your breathing and your mind focus collaboratively working together to activate your own life energy and at the same time to increase the total amount of it so that your own self-healing ability could be improved and strengthened dramatically, and further cure the diseases.  

It is a Holistic approach to remedy physical disorders in your body effectively and by your own life energy itself, especially those Chronic Illnesses that lasting for years. 

Whether you believe this technique or not, it will have the Same healing effort as long as you practise as per coaching instructions, cause it is based on the objectivity of how human body works especially from the Energy perspective which has been ignored by the (Medical) Science for hundreds of years. 


Free Coaching Course Video is available at the bottom on page “Available Courses”.


You don’t need to pay anything before your body actually feels better. This is our promise and confidence. 

Effects on Major Chronic Illnesses:


It is illustrated by large number of cases that this self-healing technique has obvious effects on major chronic illnesses as listed below:


The Big Question Marks you may have:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One method to deal with variety kinds of chronic illnesses? I just cannot believe it.

This is the Top and Most asked question from people who first met it.


Yes, it sounds impossible, but it is True and is approved by numberless cases. 


This technique is actually not for any particular diseases, it is to increase the overall level of people’s life energy in an Efficient and Effective manner. When the life energy gets improved, the self-healing ability gets improved accordingly and you will be able to heal yourself no matter what the chronic illnesses are. 


To better understand how it works exactly, we would suggest you to read the Basic Concepts and Technique Introduction on our website. 

Are you serious? Sitting there, doing nothing, for a period of time, then, I become healthy? Don't be rediculous.

It is quite reasonable that you have such doubt. As stated in the Technique Introduction, the way how this technique works is totally different from the current main stream understanding of medical treatment and it is a completely different system from what we understand as hospitals. 


Actually you are Not doing nothing while sitting there still. Your mind is focusing at a certain point of your body everytime you breathing. By practising as per the method instructed in the course videos for a period of time, you will definitely feel the Life Energy moving within your body while you are looked sitting still from outside. Who practised, he knows. 

Ask Your Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us at any time.

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What People Say About This Self-Training and Healing Technique?

Left Head Pain / Childhood Trauma

My name is Michael Kirkpatrick and I am 78 years young. I have been using the teaching method of www.life-respecting.com for the past two weeks and have had great healing benefits from it, long standing ailments and childhood traumas have been dealt with by this amazing ancient Chinese Method. Also the daily support via email is really great  and they all the questions that you put to them. I am very grateful for this wonderful program and the caring staff that manage it.

Michael Kirkpatrick 78 from U.K.

Severe Fatigue / Lost of Appetite /  Liquid Stool

Darshan Barot 

31 from Europe

Chronic Gastritis

The course brought me unexpected and great healing efforts on my stomach which tortured me for more than 6 years. I am able to eat my loved spicy food again! Really appreciated. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. 

Hongfen 62 from China


Thanks to this intensive training course and the mentor's detailed and caring intructions, my hypertension for more than 10 years now vanished. It is really unbelievable and suprised me. Now I don't need to take any tablets everyday any more. 

Junjie 65 from China

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