Previous Cases

There are large number of cases on variety kinds of chronic illnesses. It’s just too many to display them all on the pages. We only choose some typical cases for reference only, cause different person varies according to their own conditions. 

I am a person suffering from chronic colitis for more than ten years.


Hospital examination shows the whole colon got inflammation and atrophy of the descending colon. There was frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea in the past. In recent years, dry stools and loose stools alternates. Because the stool is often dry and difficult to exhaust, and suffered from hemorrhoids, painful attacks are beyond endurance and the stool is often bloody. As time passing, my body collapsed. 


Although I took medicines from hospital, but the symptoms can only be reduced a little. In the past year, due to the practice of Tai Chi, the body is better than before, but the chronic colitis is still there and no signs of recovery.


Early this year, I joined the Life Energy course introduced by my brother-in-law. At the beginning of learning, since my mind could not concentrate well and could not match with the rhythm of breathing, I felt soreness of waist and chest tightness, the effect of practice was not good. Later, I adopted the method advised by my teacher, then it felt better.


On the second day, every time I exhaled, I felt warm and comfort in my stomach. Although my eating capacity did not increase , I was able to sit still for much longer time.


On the fourth day, I felt distension in my lower abdomen, intestinal sound enhancement, gas exhaust increase, and diarrhea again by twice with large volume, smelly and black.


On the six day, my lower abdomen became warm, I felt distension at the descending colon, and a pain attack at the coccyx as a needle.


On the seventh day, I felt a heat flow from the rump rushed up along the central back to the head, like someone pushed, then a head rumbling, body vibration, rapid breathing, heartbeat, a lot of cold sweat, the whole body chills. When all these feelings subsided, the body slowly heats up, the whole body felt relaxed, and the mind was as clean as after shower with cold water. My teacher told me that I have opened the “valve” of my life energy. From then on, all the symptoms of colitis disappeared, stool returned to normal, shaped, no blood, no abdominal pain, no drugs in the meantime. Now I become energetic and stronger in physical strength than in the past. 


I have a strong feeling that my colon problems tortured me for more than ten years now have been cleared. But my teacher told me I still need to practise when I get back home for at least one hour a day to gradually make up the losses for the last ten years and maintain my overall level of Qi at a high standard, prevent the colitis going back and other new diseases.


I’ve been practising this Life Energy technique for about three months. The three-months period was a battle between life energy and pathogenic factor, the recent period has been very good. I feel a few years younger, my skin is obviously better, my pores are smaller and more delicate. The total appearance is not what it was three months ago. I developed the habit of early to bed and early to get up, light diet. Now I am indifferent even in front of fish and meat of my favorite types.  


Emotionally, I rarely gets angry or out of rage. Good mood every day, the body has no uncomfortable feelings, just feel younger, more energetic, more active, always looking for something to do.


The liver soreness and heavy feeling in some days ago did not show up these days. Both sides of the chest and abdomen are unobstructed and cool.


When doing the practice, there is an obvious downward movement of Qi in the front central line of my body. When exhaling, the Qi moves downward from the top of head, to the face, through the lungs and into the lower abdomen. When inhaling, the Qi moves upward from coccyx right to the top of head. The feelings of Qi movements are so real and amazing. I was so supprised that there has been supernatural thing in by body all the times, I just unable to feel them before the practices.  


Back to my disease, gingival bleeding is a common symptom of liver disease. In the stage of cirrhosis, my gingival bleeding is serious. Later, with the increase of training time, cirrhosis disappeared and bleeding became less and less. These two days, there is only a little blood when I suck hardly, sometimes suck nothing. It indicates that the clotting function of the liver is restored and strengthened.


Waking up at night is also a common symptom of liver disease. I go to sleep after 9pm every day. From waking up at 0 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 4o ‘clock at night, to waking up at 0 o’clock, 4 o’clock at night, and now waking up at 4 o ‘clock. The number of waking-ups at night decreased, and the level of consciousness during sleep decreased. Sleep goes deeper.


I planned to have a checkup at the end of this month, but now I don’t even care about check-ups anymore, because I can feel the good and bad of my body, and now I don’t have the eager of being recovered as soon as possible, I don’t have now. On the contrary, I’m more easygoing with the result of practises, I just practise without any expectations, let everything goes with the flow. Not so impatient as at first, and not so anxious about gain and loss. That’s a change of heart. Keep the original intention and keep practicing, I believe I will be there whether I expected or not.


I joined this training course by occasional chance and with a curious mind.


Only after a half day training of the first step, I vomited, which surprised me a lot, cause I had chronic gastritis for many years, but it didn’t show up for a really long time. I thought it has been cured already. But my teacher told me that the roots are still there and my vomit reaction is a reflection of the self-healing process. He told me don’t worry, keep practising, the reactions will be gone.


For the next two days, I still had the feeling of vomiting, and I hiccup a lot. But in the third day, all the reactions are gone and I feel quite comfortable on my stomach as never before. From then on, I am able to eat spicy food again and have no consequent problems with that at all. I felt so happy!


In the forth day, my ankle started to pain. That was another old injury happened when I was ten years old. With the explanation of the teacher, I understand that there were still some blockages left by the previous injury, and they were healing by my own energy. It was gone in the next day.


In the Six day, I felt something move up at the centre line of my back and came down along the centre line in my front. What a surprise! I felt I was full of energy and my mind was much clear than ever before!


Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect such great results on both my body and mind from this course. I would like to say thank you to my teacher from deep of my heart! It really helps me. I also want say thanks to the other persons who study and practise with me together for the past 7 days. It is really a pleasure. I will for sure keep practising everyday after this course to further improve and maintain my health.



I am 58 years old with high blood pressure for more than ten years.


Generally speaking, my physical condition is relatively good, which may have something to do with my hobby of physical exercise.


In the first two days of training, I actually did not have much feelings, but on the third day, I felt pain in my lumbar spine and back, and the pain was unbearable. In the middle of the rest time I asked the teacher why, the teacher said that this is the inevitable reaction in the process of exercise, and it mainly due to my extensive physical exercises for the past years. He told me don’t be afraid, continue to practice.


On the fourth day, the pain rised to the back and shoulders and the back of the head, and the face squirm like there is a worm climbing. During the last sitting in the afternoon, there was a loud bang suddenly happened at the top and central point of my head like, as if hit by a heavy object. Meantime, the pain at the back, shoulders, neck and head all disappeared, and I felt like there was a wide open hole at the top and central point of my head, breathing very smooth and clear. The teacher said I have opened my vavle of energy, but still need to continue the exercise to accumulate more Qi to clear other blockages which will be of great help to reduce blood pressure.


Because I suffer from hypertension, in order to verify the effectiveness of the exercise, I took blood pressure measurement in every morning from the second day I opened my main energy channel. The measurement results were as follows:

In the morning of the 1st day, the blood pressure was 84 low and 147 high;

In the morning of the 2nd day, the blood pressure was low 78, high 137;

In the morning of the 3rd day, the blood pressure was low 84, high 134;

In the morning of the 4th day, the blood pressure was 85, 131;

In the morning of the 5th day, the blood pressure was 86, 135;

In the morning of the 6th day, the blood pressure was 86, 136;

The teacher said my blood pressure would be normalized if I continue to practice when I get back home.


I’m very happy that after more than ten years of blood pressure medicine, I can finally say goodbye to the pills. This is the harvest I could not imagine before.

Frequent Urination and Insomnia

I’m 61 and retired. My problem is that I need to pee three or four times every night during sleep which made my sleep become a problem as well. In addition, I have much difficult in climbing stairs, cause my knees can not withstand my weight. My knees hurt every time I climb stairs.


With not much to do as a retired person, I joint this course by the recommendation of my son, just to see whether there will be any help with my body. Actually, I doubt with the said effects in the beginning, but it was recommended by my son, so I tried, and finally the effectiveness is beyond my expectation.


During the days of course, I follow exactly what the teacher said, I have some feelings, like warm in my abdomen, but not as strong and obvious as others as they talked about theirs. The teacher explained that because of my age, my existing level of Life Energy is not as much as those younger men, I need more time to nurture and accumulate. I didn’t feel the circulation at the end of the course. However, the times of pee during the night do reduced down to only one time! And I slept much better, I fell asleep almost I lie down on the bed as I could figured. And the pain on my knees almost disappear when I climb stairs. My teacher said, it is not important whether I felt the circulation or not. The circulation will come as long as I keep practising everyday. The important thing is that my body situations are really improved.

Insomnia and Lost of Appetite

Due to the nature of my job, I need to travel all the year round and do the recruitment work in the branch schools across the country, which makes me under great pressure and have irregular diet, then it come to insomnia and lost of appetite which increasingly poor my health. I tried many ways in order to solve my problems, but not much help. Then introduced by my friend, I participated in the training of the life energy course.


Under the guidance of my teacher, my stomach became warm, then the warm moved downwards to the lower abdomen in the second day, at the same time, saliva increased in my mouth like a spring. 


In the first half of the third day of practice, my back waist became warm,or even hot just something like my kidneys were boiled in hot water. The lunch of that day, I got a very good taste, eat like a man with hungry for days. In the afternoon, my back became warm, saliva spring as well. At that night, I slept soundly which I didn’t have for the past years, I felt really good and I even didn’t want to get up in the morning.


In the morning of the fourth day, I had tingling at the perineum for several times. The whole spine was heated to the neck area. My left eye felt swollen and full of tears. After lunch, itchy on both sides of my rump made me uncomfortable, so I took a break for a while. After waking up, tingling and itchy came to the skin of my head. In the practice, my right eye felt the same swollen and also many tears. Then I found my vision became much more clear, and wearing glasses became uncomfortable, so I took off the glasses. 


On the 10th day practice, after swallowing a full mouth of saliva, I felt there was a air mass inside the lower abdomen which was cool in the center but warm at outside, it was really miraculous. My mind stayed with the air mass for about 5 to 6 seconds, then it dispersed. Right after that, I felt a stream of heat flux moving from the back of neck to the head, and the middle of the eyes tingling, my eyes swollen and full of tears again, very comfortable.The teacher told me that the circulation of my life energy established.


In the last day of practice, saliva became even more than past few days, felt like they would go out of my mouth if I didn’t swallow. Rhythmic beats happened obviously at the top-center point of my head. After swallowing a big amount of saliva in the evening, the perinea point had a cool feeling for one minute, and the tip of my tongue became numb for about two minutes, very comfortable.


After the few days of training and learning, I got much better sleeping at night, appetite come back, eat a lot more and peace stays in my heart. Unexpectedly, my eyes sight become better, I can see things more bright and clear.


With so much gains from this method, I decide to stick to practice everyday and I have a strong believe that if I keep practsing, there is no need for me to worry any further health problems of myself.

Muscular Soreness

I am a caring nurse for mum & baby. It is a high-intensity work which also requires lots of touches of water as well as forces from my arm and back for Tui Na purpose.


I was the youngest in the course, but I experienced the most reactions. For the first two and a half days. I was expelling the moisture within my body by sweating while sitting still without any body movements. Then I felt hurt, especially my arms, shoulders, neck and several points at my back. I was like someone was doing massage on me from the inside of my body! I could even see the shake of my muscles under the skin by my own eyes! I felt astonished.


The teacher said it was my own Qi healing my body by its own intelligence and clear my blockages. No need to worry.


When all the pain stopped on the fifth day, I felt a strong numb at my back starting from the bottom to the top of my head! and then the circulation came! Wow, it was really a quite comfortable feeling that I never experienced, after which I felt that the huge invisible burden that I’ve been carrying for many years just disappeared! My body felt much light and easy!


Greatest gratitude from my heart!

Chest Distress and Shortness of Breath

I used to practise martial arts, but I stopped when the chest distress and shortness of breath came up and can not be solved for years. I joint this course just try to see whether my problem could be solved.


In the first two days, I didn’t have any obvious feelings actually. I even came up with an idea that am I being tricked? But from the third day on, the feelings came, and the feeling is like moving mountains and pouring the sea! very strong! which I found the forces came from nowhere!


The teacher explained that the force is from my Life Energy after two full days nurturing and activating, it showed up suddenly and clear the blockages on its own intelligence.


Right after that, there is no feeling of distress on my chest and I became breath like normal!


On the fifth and sixth day, the forces faded but still there, like ants moving, a little itchy, like electricity, a little numb, like water stream, a little warm. It was so weird, but wonderful which I never experienced!


In the last day, I felt the circulation around my body as well!  


I feel really lucky to have this course! 


I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

Kidney Stone

I am 51 years old. More than 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney stones which were 0.6cm in diameter, pain attacks often, can’t live with it.


I finished the study of the Life Energy course one year ago. During the training, I achieved the Life Energy circulation around my body, and my pains on kidney was controlled, not that frequent and not that painful. I asked the teacher: Can I remove the kidney stone with practice? The teacher answered if the stone is not too big, then it can be removed through practising, they had examples previously, but the question of when can not be answered, cause it depends on the length and effect of the daily practice of each individual.

Since I’ve been practicing, I’ve had fewer and fewer episodes of kidney pain. I kept practising everyday, and I felt the Life Energy gradually running through the twelve primary meridians. In the process of exercise, both kidneys often dull pain, and there was feelings of open and close on my kidneys, each time last for more than an hour. This situation continued for about one month, and later, in the morning, I suddenly felt a tingling pain in the urethra when I urinated, and a stone with a lot of thorns came out. 

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